Nate Amor - Beautiful

November 21, 2022

Have you ever been bullied at school? This happened to me, for more than 10 years, as I was different. You can learn more about this here. But this is probably why I can relate to this song so easily.

If sometimes you doubt yourself, your value, or your beauty (which is not necessarily where you think), this song is for you!

We discovered the powerful voice of Nate Amor in September with "Lose This Way". And from the first seconds of "Beautiful", when we heard it again, this voice gave us the same chills: immediate and intense.

For Nate Amor, the inspiration for this song comes from his daughter, as he told us:

"My daughter Jasmine came home years ago from school and was really upset. She’d been bullied. Naturally as a father I instinctively wanted to destroy the boy or boys who said these things to her... but they were just words after all. So I reassured her that as her father, I saw her as very beautiful. That me and God saw her as perfectly made and that although those words hurt, they were just lies. I told the story to Tony. He came by my office and an hour or so later, we had the song. Tony related as his daughter had been bullied in school. So this is an anthem for ALL women ALL over the WORLD to know that you are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are. Don’t you go and change a thing!"

A wonderful message of love, tolerance, and unity that shines through all the lines of the song, carried by an absolutely divine and haunting melody.

We've already talked about the singer's incredible vocal prowess, but we sincerely believe that this song wouldn't have the same impact if it were sung by someone else. This incredible voice has a lot to do with the "wow" effect.

"Beautiful" is a jewel that deserves its place in your playlists and that will put a smile on your face. Do you also feel better after listening to it?

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