Natalie Wildgoose - Babe of the Moon

March 06, 2023

The epitome of romance awaits you from the first second you play “Babe of the Moon” by Natalie Wildgoose. Her sweetly sung melody has been floating in the back of my head in the past few weeks and I found it truly embodied in recent sunsets and star-dotted skies.

Released in February 2023, this alt-folk song sounds like the change of dusk to night in winter. The colors of the sunset are not as warm and saturated as in summer, the coolness is not only represented in temperatures but even the colors of the sunset contain more coolness and space to breathe. Already from the start, Natalie’s vocals lead you directly into a mythical inspired world, and while listening it makes you feel as if you simultaneously watch the sun set. With the verse, you enter night time and gentle piano notes add the feeling of distant, twinkling stars. To me the song portrays gazing at someone’s eyes for a little too long in the glow of the streetlights, not wanting to let them go as you already know how much you will miss them, stargazing in the middle of the night. But also, being gently introduced by someone to a different world from yours and exploring it. It sounds like two universes tenderly coincide, just as two people with their individual personalities, views, and interests when they get to know each other. 

Her accompanying animated YouTube video will turn this rather mythological and mystic world that is already created musically into a visual representation.

An owl-like mysterious creature of the night shows nighttime to a sunflower, a flower that is normally obviously closer to the sun rather than the moon. It experiences a wholly different world, one that it wouldn’t have known if it hadn’t followed its “Babe of the Moon”. 

Natalie’s debut EP will be out in spring 2023 and after becoming a fan of “Babe of the Moon” I honestly can’t wait to hear her future work.

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Written with love by Anna.