Nanuk - Butterfly

October 04, 2022

Since Nanuk first came to us with "Midas" in May 2021, he has never ceased to amaze us with his wondrous melodies and innate sense of beauty.

Yes, we can obviously speak of beauty when listening to a song by Nanuk, because his repertoire is full of it. Since his last feature on IMC, Nanuk has made a well-deserved place on the indie music scene. Picked up by BBC Introducing or our friends Alex and Beth from Alexrainbirdmusic, the English artist once again invites us to relax with his new single "Butterfly".

Mostly acoustic, this song is a lovely ballad mixing a wonderful acoustic guitar and enchanting piano to create a soulful atmosphere. Nanuk's warm vocals, carried by a light reverb, transport us into a musical and poetic universe, at the same time delicate, soft, and comforting.

"Spread your wings, my butterfly, don't be afraid to be free"

The English artist, who looks like a teddy bear with a tender heart, seduces us once again with the beauty of his simple but powerful writing. One more little gem to add to your Spotify playlists urgently.

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