Movie Night - Something (feat. Tish Hyman)

November 30, 2023

Oh yes, dear reader, we understand you! We are on the last day of November. The days are getting shorter, plunging us into a prevailing gloom. What if we decided not to dwell in this somewhat dark view of things and instead moved forward?

That's precisely the theme of this song: to stop going in circles, lamenting one's fate, and take the step forward that will lead us to better days. If you listened to our three-part audio saga "IMC Rewind: the whole story behind IMC", you got to discover all the struggles we had to face during our 22-year career. And you also saw that we often repeated the same thing about something new we tried to do: "It worked!" Yes, if you don't try, you won't achieve anything.

And "Something," the new single from the band Movie Night, brilliantly evokes those moments of hesitation that one must overcome. The song starts with a super catchy chorus, and this line summarizes the essence of the track: "You’ve never been this old before but you'll never be this young again". Did you get it? Yes, this line hits hard. It seems like a very simple concept, but someone had to think of it!

Movie Night had this brilliant idea to push the concept of self-improvement to the extreme. And these three buddies from NYC know something about it, as they took the risk of changing the band's name. We knew them previously as Running Lights. Yes, it's a risky move in a musical career, but they did it. And it's working out very well for them! Behind Movie Night are the brothers Mike (guitar/vocals) and Nick (keys), as well as Steve (drums).

Do you know the song "Am I Wrong" by Nico and Vinz? And Kygo's "Stay"? What's the connection, you ask? They were produced by the Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer William Wiik Larsen. Who also produced some songs for Movie Night. And Mike and Nick have worked in the shadows for many independent artists and more. They have also collaborated with Akon and Hozier. No, we're not dealing with amateurs! But let's get back to the song!

One of the strengths of "Something" is its ultra-motivating and very relatable lyrics. The other strengths speak for themselves: the melody is so catchy that it's like taking a motivation injection directly into your veins! No more excuses for not making the right decisions right now!

You'll be singing this chorus on repeat for the rest of the week (and maybe even longer!). The production is also very polished, with many small details that make a difference, like the perfect vocal harmonies, and all those people telling you to "You gotta believe in something" in the final part.

Curiosity led us to explore more of their discography on Spotify, and we particularly enjoyed the previous singles "Haunted" and "My Friends Must Be Dead". Movie Night truly has a remarkable sound and a unique vocal signature that gives them enormous potential. They will be a force to be reckoned with in 2024.

Consider yourselves warned; this song is very addictive, and it's been a while since we had such an indie-pop banger on IMC. Probably one of the most beautiful discoveries of this year 2023.

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