Morgalily - Peppermint Gold

July 05, 2020

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If you're a faithful reader, you probably already know that, at Indie Music Center, we like UFOs.

We love artists who can't be put in boxes.

And Morgalily is one of them. When we first heard "Peppermint Gold", there was a pause.

As if time had stopped.

After all the hustle and bustle of the past few weeks, this calm enchanted us.

While we are used to distributing songs in our 3 main categories (indie pop, indie rock, and indie folk), "Peppermint Gold" is a unique jewel, and is a perfect fit for our "Sunday Chill" section.

With sweet vocals, a perfectly mastered voice, and a soft acoustic atmosphere, Morgalily succeeded in creating her own universe.

There is something mystical about this song.

A little spark of light that makes it quickly addictive.

And we hit the "play" button again and again. 

Because that's the only thing we could blame her for: it's too short.

A gem to find in our "Sunday Chill" Spotify playlist.


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