Mike Mains & The Branches - Briggs (Cinematic Version)

November 20, 2020

While the original version has already exceeded 500K Streams on Spotify, Mike Mains & The Branches offer us a new version of 'Briggs', with a music video that makes us smile. If you had never heard the song before, the principle is simple: it is a declaration of love in due form. And we found that this song would be the perfect conclusion to this week, to spend a romantic Sunday by the fire. Mike Mains & The Branches seduced us with a tender, catchy melody, which perfectly mixes guitar and piano, and wonderful vocal harmonies. And we're sure the magic will work on you too, and you'll find yourself singing "I wanna waste a while with you" all day long. A pop-folk ballad that could come in handy if you can't find the words to admit your feelings. Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Mike's point of view :

One afternoon I recorded an acoustic guitar and vocal and left the room. Shannon produced this gorgeous cinematic arrangement that took me back to our first trip in Iceland a few years ago. It felt as big as the mountains and waterfalls we saw during our trips. We were able to achieve that lush sonic landscape with the help of our friend Jesse Proctor. I’m proud of this version because it’s a window inside Shannon’s creative world and reminds me that there is wild beauty to be found in the world if our eyes are open.

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About the band :

Mike Mains and The Branches is a pop-rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee. Since their conception in 2012, the group has built a reputation for their fantastical instrumentation and unforgettable live performances. Mains began writing songs early in his career between shifts at a casino, which is an apt illustration of Mains perspective on life: it’s a comedy, a tragedy, and a fairytale. It’s that perspective that laces itself throughout the band’s catalogue, where the songs make you dance while lyrics make you cry. And while the juxtaposition of glitter and gloom should feel confusing, it renders itself joyfully therapeutic. And that’s their goal—particularly in their live shows—to strap you into a rollercoaster you never want to get off of. After releasing an EP and two full-length albums, they chose to partner with Tooth & Nail Records on their latest release. The record, When We Were In Love, is their most honest yet.


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