Michael Bers - Far off

February 12, 2024

If you're into warm voices, acoustic guitars, piano, and watching boats set sail at dawn, then you're going to love "Far Off," the new single from Michael Bers hailing from Pickering, Ontario (Canada).

With a catchy chorus that'll be stuck in your head all week and then some, "Far Off" is a three-minute folk daydream that invites reflection about a lost love, with meticulous production down to the last detail. Yes, the song talks about those boats sailing away and cleverly draws a metaphor for relationships that get wrapped in fog and slowly sink...

Indeed, "Far Off" has that contemplative side we adore because, let's face it, when a relationship is already taking on water like a boat, what can you do?

The striking contrast between the freshness of the landscape painted by Michael Bers and the warmth of his vocals is quite striking, the lyric video is beautiful, and we couldn't ask for more than to welcome this artist into our community. Give him the warmest reception and stream this little gem on repeat!

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