Meadowlark - What's It Like To Love Me

March 13, 2023

If you are an avid reader, you have probably already spotted the name Meadowlark in our columns. Their journey on IMC in 2023 begins in January, as we introduced you to "Roadkill", Kate's latest solo single. Then Meadowlark's "Full Me, Half You" was featured in early February.

Diving into the folk universe of these two magicians from Bristol is quite easy. This is not the case with romantic relationships, which are often the theme of the songs you will find here.

Is it easy to love someone? Do we love them enough? Do we love them too much? What is the perfect dosage? So many questions that can remain unanswered and plague us for too long.

"What's it like to be on the other side of this feeling?" is a rather original question, which we find in the song. Though full of self-doubt, this song is yet light, almost airy, with just acoustic guitar and Kate's wonderful voice making it an intimate confession of her deepest struggles and insecurities.

Self-awareness then comes as a savior, because in order to be able to love someone, you must first know yourself well. "What's It Like To Love Me" acts as an invitation to reflection, a bit like "The Philosopher" by Luna Keller, released the day before.

Either way, you'll notice that there isn't necessarily a need for a big orchestration to convey maximum emotion and give the listener a unique and highly immersive experience. A guitar, a voice, and very elaborate writing are enough.

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