Matu - The Days Don't Come Back

June 01, 2020

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What if we went to a country still unexplored by Indie Music Center, in search of a new talent?

Let's go to Argentina, and more precisely Patagonia, to meet Matu.

At only 24, the young man offers us an indie folk universe worthy of the greatest artists.

While his native language is Spanish, Matu writes and sings in English because it's easier for him.

And "The Days Don't Come Back" is his first official single. And for a debut single, it's successful!

A divinely well-written text, and a voice that enchants from the first notes, Matu has music flowing through his veins, and that can be heard.

Love and melancholy in the melody, emotion in the voice, Matu is a perfect find for our musical universe.

First single, first passage on Indie Music Center, we can say that it matches 100%.

And we can't wait to listen to his future musical adventures.

A little crazy thing about this young talented man? He's doing more than 4 hours-long live sessions on Twitch... almost every day!

A gem to find in our "Indie Folk Gems" Spotify playlist.


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