Matthew Bell - Lose Myself To You

July 14, 2020

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Matthew Bell is originally the frontman of the band Matthew Bell & The Next of Kin.

During quarantine, he wanted to grow in the areas of recording, mixing, and producing, since he wasn’t able to meet the band and work together.

So he recorded this wonderful indie-folk ballad, "Lose Myself To You".

With a very simple production, the artist has managed to create a musical universe of his own, in a very smooth and acoustic atmosphere.

Wonderfully written, the song is about true love : 

"My wife and I had a conversation not long ago about the idea of self-sacrifice in the context of relationship, losing ourselves to a certain extent.

It's often viewed as a negative.

We're told not to lose ourselves, not to get swept up, to guard our hearts."

Supported by a simple but efficient music video, full of beauty and poetry, we can call this song a gem.

So it's logically included in our "Indie Folk Gems" playlist.

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