Matt Perriment - Blockbuster

September 04, 2023

The Echoes of an Era

Alright, folks, gather 'round, especially those who've never experienced the wonder of a "Blockbuster Store" beyond the lands of the US and UK. You see, it was a place where folks of bygone eras hunted for video cassettes, then upgraded to DVDs and CDs—an ancient relic, much like the history books or your grandpa's tall tales. Now, in a stroke of poetic genius, Matt Perriment's track, "Blockbuster Store," unearths this relic and dusts it off to ponder that age-old question: what does it feel like to be forgotten, just like a movie tucked away in one of those long-lost shops?

A Journey into Self-Discovery

Now, we embark on a journey of epic proportions, reminiscent of our hero Matt moving from his cozy hometown to the bustling chaos of the big city. It's a moment of revelation that resonates with starry-eyed dreamers across the globe. Matt puts it plainly, whe he says that the song's about when he traded his small-town hero cape for the bright lights of the city and realized he was a tadpole in an ocean of sharks. Ah, the classic tale of thinking you're a superhero, only to realize you're more like that tiny fish swimming in shark-infested waters.

Lost in Immensity: The Melancholic Resilience

Prepare yourselves for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, as Matt dives into the deep end of melancholy while riding the waves of resilience. It's like gazing across a vast ocean, contemplating the mysteries of life — kind of like when you can't decide if you want pizza or tacos for dinner. And there it is, a poetic gem: "You don't have to tell me that if I were a movie, I'd probably be left at the store". Ever had that feeling of being the forgotten candy in the candy aisle?

A Symphony of Detail

Now, let's talk production, people. Matt's attention to detail is like finding those elusive puzzle pieces that complete the whole picture. Throw on a good pair of headphones, and you'll be swept away on a musical journey that's as intricate as a Rubik's Cube. And the choice of instruments? Well, it's like starting with a gentle breeze and ending up in a full-blown tornado of sound. Strings and brass instruments make an appearance, and it's like the Avengers assembling for the ultimate showdown—an epic experience only IMC artists can deliver.

The Torment of Transition

With warm and emotionally charged vocals, Matt serenades us through the tumultuous moments one faces when leaving the nest. You know, the kind of journey where you've packed your suitcase full of existential questions rather than practical socks. We've all been there, questioning our life choices in the wee hours of the morning.

A Cinematic Exploration

Dear readern you got it, "Blockbuster Store" is a cinematic adventure, a mirror reflecting our personal journeys, and a celebration of the magical power of music. Matt Perriment weaves a metaphorical masterpiece that dances with life's complexities, reminding us that even when we feel as insignificant as a long-lost movie in a dusty corner, our stories are worth sharing and celebrating.

As we spin this record, we're reminded of the tapestry of human existence—a melodic voyage capturing the essence of embarking on new quests, laden with moments of self-doubt. Yet, in these uncertain chapters, we find the strength to grow and overcome.

In a world that sometimes leaves us feeling like footnotes in the grand novel of existence, Matt Perriment's music sings a different tune, reminding us that our stories, much like those forgotten films in a Blockbuster Store, can find their audience and touch hearts.

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