Mary Oz - DTTAH (Don't Try This At Home)

August 10, 2023

In March, we introduced you to a terrific artist from the Philippines, Mary Ozaraga with “Outrageous Love.” A few months later, and a few fewer letters on her artist name, Mary is back with an ode to good humor.

As Mary herself says, "It's an invitation to dream, to take risks, to run, jump, leap - out of comfort zones." Yes, the song is also about Mary's journey as a musician and songwriter, a journey that hasn't always been easy, but one that she is proud of. Besides, who has already had a faultless course and in a straight line?

"DTTAH (Don't Try This At Home)" seduces from the first seconds with a deep voice, very assured and confident. The invitation to leave the house is felt before the thirty seconds, when the frenzied rhythm sets in. Then a super catchy chorus is already there before the one-minute mark which gives the song excellent potential to hook radio programmers!

To be honest with you, after the first listen, we took a break outside. The song didn't leave our mind "Come dadidum dadi" was still racing in our head several minutes after listening. Like an addiction that is impossible to get rid of! Which is a pretty good sign!

Back at the office, we let ourselves be tempted by the DIY music video, which ended up convincing us! This song has its place on IMC: the melody is catchy as hell, the production is very professional, the message is more than positive and can only encourage you to always look ahead. We want positive emotions. And Mary is the perfect example that by working hard, you become someone. Every dream is achievable if you give yourself the means.

You will hear on the last chorus of this joyful jewel, children happy to be there, and that will put a smile on your face for a few hours. And whenever bad news hits you, listen to this song. More effective than a charm or a magic bracelet, it is capable of driving out all demons. A gem you can find on our "Indie Pop Center" Spotify playlist.

Also, congratulations to the kids, who brought even more light and innocence, whether to the song or the music video.

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