Marina City - Hurt Me

October 05, 2022

From the first seconds of "Hurt Me", we were blown away by the voice of Ryan Argast, frontman of the band Marina City. What a voice! Recalling all the sensitivity and fragility of singer Seal's voice, this is a voice that gives a band a unique identity, and that's a huge advantage.

With a catchy chorus that comes in just 20 seconds, “Hurt Me” has all the parameters for radio play, starting with exceptional production quality. The ticking clock in the background adds tension to the track and each line becomes more powerful than the last. A gradual build-up, until a firework of emotions around 2:17, when the full band starts playing. The electric guitar solo that follows is absolutely divine.

From an apparently calm and melancholic song, "Hurt Me" becomes a powerful Alt-Rock banger that inevitably triggers the shivers down your spine.

With a rather dark atmosphere and heartbreaking lyrics, Marina City manages to take us into their unique, tailor-made musical universe, and their ability to gauge the intensities to perfection gives them a wonderful magical power. A very nice discovery!

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