Marco Palos - Kings & Queens

November 11, 2022

Marco Palos becomes a recurring artist on IMC. Discovered with "A Place We Don't Know" in March 2021, then featured in October 2022 with "Slow Down", the artist now offers a stunning musical performance in "Kings & Queens".

I am now over 35 years old, and I obviously spent my adolescence locked in my room listening to Muse albums over and over. Especially the album "Absolution" released in 2004, and the single "Sing For Absolution" which is my absolute favorite. You would then be tempted to ask me "what is the relationship with Muse?"

Well, listen to "Kings & Queens" by Marco Palos and you will understand what I mean. Focus on the bass, the guitar riffs, and the amazing vocal performance, especially in the last minute.

About the song, Marco says it's "a seemingly perfect love gone down the path of temptation, betrayal... Yet finding victory in being able to love again."

And we can feel those different chapters of the writer through the progression of the song, which becomes more and more intense as it builds.

And it's all about temptations, as Marco explains: "While this song may have its own meaning and moment in life to me, I believe each listener will have the opportunity to think back on a time they lost a great love due to their own temptations or the temptations their lover struggled with".

Co-written with his partner and love, Cameron McCormick, "Kings & Queens" speaks for itself, and I believe there is no need to add more to make you understand that if you don't click "Play" on the player above, you will really miss out on something incredibly powerful that will stand your arm hair upright. Sounds like Muse? A little, yes, but better!

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