Marco Palos - December Song

December 02, 2022

A short time ago, we were already blown away by Marco Palos' breathtaking vocal performance on "Kings & Queens", where the artist showed how comfortable he is in the highs on the end of the song.

For "December Song", the configuration is a little different. Vocally, we are surprised from the first line of the first verse. What an incredible falsetto! And what ease! Believe me, I've heard tens of thousands of songs, and I think this is the first time I've been so blown away by a voice.

Marco Palos also has fun at Disney, he sings, plays the saxophone, and offers happiness to thousands of people. Look at that!

And sometimes, like everyone else, he has his moments of calm and reflection. December is one of them, as he explained to us:

"December can often be a month of reflection, and coincidentally, the month I wrote this song. Life had been on pause and it just seemed we would be holding this pattern for far more than any of us had anticipated. So, we committed to staying at the family farmhouse through the winter. My love, our doggy and miles and miles of snow and woods".

Always very inspired by what surrounds him, Marco Palos is comfortable in all musical genres. If you listen to his repertoire, you will see that the influences are very varied. But all his songs have one thing in common: authenticity. And then maybe also this addictive power, because he always manages to create unforgettable melodies. In the case of "December Song", the song reveals its surprises over the minutes. Just focus on the instrumental part which starts at 2:23 and you will discover some small details that make the difference. Yes, on a rather pop-rock-oriented track, you will rarely find Spanish guitar tunes... It's his friend Luca Pino who put these few notes delicately on this part of the song.

Life is a mess sometimes, but you can always find comfort in the simple things, as Marco says:

"The night that the first lyric came to me was a night my partner and I had laughed so much we had tears in our eyes. There was a pause as we smiled at each other recognizing that it's been a hard year, but that this moment in life was still very special despite all the mess around us."

I do not hide from you that I am going through a complicated period at the moment, and this song really helps to see things more clearly. As Marco says in the chorus "Everything will be alright". You just have to believe it, if only a little.

Although he's not yet showing on my Spotify Unwrapped, Marco Palos is becoming one of my favorite artists. Both for his incredible music, of course, but also for his extraordinary personality. He is very accessible, it is easy to discuss anything and everything with him. But the end result will always be the same: he will succeed, no matter what, in putting a smile on your face. And people like that are increasingly rare.

In "December Song", you will find comfort, warmth, support, poetry and above all, a lot of beauty.

This is Marco's 4th feature on IMC. You know what it means: next time, he will join the IMC Family. And we're really happy about that!

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