Marco Palos - A Place We Don't Know

March 25, 2021

Have you ever bought candy cones for your children? Okay. If you are too young to have children, maybe your parents bought them for you when you were a child?

So you know this incredible feeling of pleasure, when you eat all the candies, slowly (or not), and you discover the big surprise at the end.

Well with this Marco Palos song, you're going to have the same feeling of pleasure throughout the song, and experience a big surprise and an intense wave of emotions at the end.

"A Place We Don't Know" is Marco's first single as a solo artist. Being famed for fronting the 9-piece “little-big band” Phat Cat Swinger, which frequently performs for Disney, it seems that Phat Cat Swinger has left its mark on our artist's mind. Indeed, I would never have imagined such a spectacular ending. To have this made at 9 people, okay, but on a solo single, it's amazing.

The artist mentioned Coldplay in his influences. And it is true that Chris Martin and his friends are quite adept at explosive endgames that trigger the thrills ("Fix You" is a very good example). It is clear that they are not the only ones.

"That evening, I sat at the piano and let my hands wander until they landed on four chords that gave me a hauntingly sweet feeling inside and relaxed me so much that, when I closed my eyes, I felt as if I'd had a vision of an alternate life, an alternate reality”, explained Marco. “But it was probably just a dream, right? That's why I wanted to release 'A Place We Don't Know' on World Sleep Day. I'm fascinated by the limitless abilities of the human mind. We can create entire universes and life experiences all without going anywhere, ”Palos continued." A Place We Don't Know "captures the essence of the hope and mystery that have carried me through this bizarre time during lockdown.

Combining reverie, fascination, dreams, the song is a masterpiece of poetry. The vocals are perfectly mastered, every note is right, and the artist's vocal power is exceptional.

His ease is quite disconcerting, and everything is fluid in this track, for which the artist has surrounded himself with the greatest for the production. Excellent choice.

As you will have understood, this song, which is a little over 5 minutes long, allows you to disconnect from this tumultuous world to savor 5 minutes of escapade and pleasure. Close your eyes, and let Marco do the rest. The magic happens very quickly.

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