MARBL - You (Make Me Feel Brand New)

March 06, 2020

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It's a real nugget from Israel that we discover today. Let's immerse ourselves in the magic world of MARBL.

"You (Make Me Feel Brand New)" is a love declaration of love as many people would like to receive it.

Placed on a discreet melody, which consists at the start, in a simple piano-vocal performance, the song develops little by little, with the arrival of a fairly discreet rhythm also at first.

Then the song grows, again, and again, until a final part as we like them: with chills and the arm hairs which stand up vertically.

The artist wanted to play on contrasts and parallels, whether in the song or in the video.

From bright and colorful to darker parts, the video takes us around the world and allows us to see nature reborn in spring.

Just like the rebirth evoked in the song.

The video is actually a collage of videos that the artist has collected and purchased from photographers around the world, in order to fully stick to the song's universe.

And it's a real success. Musically, and visually.

A real jewel that is timely, a few days from spring.


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