Lyrika - Condemn the Silence

February 07, 2023

We often tell you on IMC that artists from Scandinavian countries have a certain gift for creating unique musical experiences. And it's true once again with Lyrika, a 4-piece indie-rock band from Sweden. If you are familiar with these Nordic countries, you will have already noticed that they have particular ease in evoking quite melancholic and sad subjects on a rather joyful melody (Sunrise Avenue, for example).

This is the case for this new single, "Condemn the Silence" which describes the sometimes inevitable stage of a relationship, as the band confides:

"It's about that scary silence you feel when you have lost someone important. The feeling where you bargain with faith to get a chance to do things/say things with/to someone important one last time”.

This song is really catchy from the first notes, despite its melancholy and we're pretty sure you can relate to it. Also, the super high-quality production proves these guys are professional musicians. Nothing is left to chance, every single detail is worked, and we can feel it! Oh no, these guys are not at the start of their careers! They have been making music since 2015, they were three before being joined in 2019 by a fourth member. Curious indie-rock fans will be able to revel in their already well-stocked discography on Spotify and will appreciate gems like "True Protector".

We know, dear readers, that some of you love indie-rock bands, others love anthemic melodies to sing along to, and others love Scandinavian artists. With Lyrika, we have something to satisfy everyone.

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