Luna Keller - Woman in the Van

April 28, 2023

Have you already clicked on the player above to start the music? Perfect! You already hear these few notes of banjo and guitar that immerse you in a warm and welcoming folk atmosphere. And of course you recognize the unique voice of our international Luna Keller, one of the first members of the IMC Family.

Here she is again for her 15th feature on IMC (it's worth celebrating!) with a new single full of smiles, good humor, and light, inspired by a good friend who travels Europe in her van with her cat.

With a good smell of freedom and asphalt, the song is a real refrain that will colonize your brain and won't want to leave it for a few days. We had already heard this song during her many live streams on Twitch, and this studio version is pure joy to listen to!

A real joyful folk anthem that tells the story of a real person, but which will speak to anyone who needs escape and the great outdoors.

As usual, Luna treats us with a nice banjo, and drums and shakers that she had to play by herself, which she is not used to doing. Indeed, Dwhani Zapps' arm was broken at the time of recording and Luna had to play more instruments than usual. Then once recovered, Dhwani added some piano notes and recorded bass and drums with Rishi S.Vloe. And of course, his dad Roger Keller brought all his magic to his home studio in Tenerife. The last step, mixing and mastering, was once again done by the amazing Dominic Romano, another well-known friend of IMC. As Luna says, "just like the song is about traveling, the recording visited several countries to be completed too".

Yes, Luna definitely knows how to surround herself with great people to create this unique atmosphere of communion between human beings, and it shows through every line of the song. And the euphoric effect of the chorus is very powerful on this song! You have been warned, you will sing along for hours...

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