Luna Keller - Wanderer

March 04, 2022

Niko's thoughts:

Wanderer is probably the most intimate song Luna Keller has ever recorded. Yes, intimate because it is only Luna and her guitar... her favorite instrument... her daily companion. Sometimes I even have the feeling that her guitar is a natural extension of her fingers. Luna likes to say that her songs are her friends and that they help her through both positive and negative trials. It's the case for Wanderer. It became a companion during her journey through Germany, the UK, and Switzerland:

"I played 'Wanderer' over and over again on my journey. it became a closing song for my concerts, a way to say “I’m going now, but I am so happy I got to be here”. A way to stay connected to all the little havens I pass through."

Having had to move last year from Spain to Germany, the young singer-songwriter had to face heartbreaking goodbyes, and leave behind her loved ones and all her landmarks. Some would say it's easy when you're only 20 years old. I ask them to try, to see how hard it can be. And it has nothing to do with your age. Our hearts are built the same way at 20, 40, or 60 and express feelings anyway, no matter how old you are.

As I said earlier, Wanderer is Luna's most intimate song. I would even say the simplest. The singer has accustomed us to very detailed, sometimes very complex productions. This new single, the last single before the release of her long-awaited album "Prophecies and Silver Linings" (to be released April 14th), is quite simply the very expression of simplicity. And it was written in 20 minutes, like Luna told us:

"It was my last day in Tenerife, my home, before moving to Germany. I was sitting on the couch with my parents making music and I was feeling so many things I couldn’t put into words. That was when “Wanderer” came to me, in 20 minutes I felt like my soul was pouring onto the strings, into my voice."

This isn't the first time Luna has drawn on her experiences to write. She has already mentioned a flight from the family nest in "Prophecy". But there was a heavier production as if to hide her tears and sadness. This time it's different. Luna finds herself as if laid bare, with nothing to hide her deepest emotions. A truly intimate, authentic, and sincere confession. She also didn't have fun playing Mariah Carey with delirious vocal flights, it's Luna's voice at its simplest. Just some discreet vocal harmonies, like beams to support the weight of her departure.

Along with "Sunset", her debut single released in 2017, "Wanderer" is one of the shortest songs in her repertoire. But there is a quote in French that says "the shortest are often the best". In this case, I would say the shortest are also the most beautiful.

If you look at the timeline of Luna's early songs on Spotify, you can find some of that recent history. She could have said something like: "I left the pretty 'Sunset' of my Canary Island, 'Packing My Bags' and landed in a 'Black and Blue' place. Where the early blue sky, promising me a new life, was transformed despite my efforts in dark skies, but the call of the 'Christmas Lights' was far too strong, and I was "Packing My Bags" again to fly back to Tenerife, to find my 'Young Love'.

Yes, Luna is a story that is told, lived, and shared thanks to the artist's enormous generosity. She gives a lot to her community of fans, even if it means staying live for 24 hours on Twitch. Music makes us do crazy things. I know what I mean.


Joe's thoughts:

It’s so funny to me that every new Luna Keller song becomes my favorite Luna Keller Song! Wanderer is such a wonderful tune, for its simplicity - with a finger-picked guitar, keyboard, and those signature harmonies she is so well known and loved for - but also for its message.

I can almost see Luna singing this song by the fire, just prior to a faraway journey from her childhood home. It’s a reminder to live in the moment, for who are we to say where the waves may take us?

I felt a little sad imagining her singing her goodbyes to her beloved, hopeful about the meeting of old friends, and I laughed when she said that we would “Sing old songs, (get the lyrics wrong), and remember the good old days”!

Just a wonderful little two and half minute song that you’re going to want to add to your favorite playlist and listen on repeat. I just can’t wait to hear her full album on April 14th! I know we’ve all been looking forward to that with anticipation.


Picture by Roger Keller.

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Written with love by Niko and Joe. "Wanderer" has been added to our "Indie Music" and "IMC Family" playlists on Spotify.