Luna Keller - She's Not Good For Me

June 10, 2024

If you go by the title, you might believe that this song tells the story of a love triangle and that Luna Keller is jealous of the one who steals her lover. If so, you are on the wrong track.

No, in reality, this eighth single from the album "Ocean Inside Of Me" is the penultimate chapter of the story in which Luna fights her own struggles and tries to coexist with her dark side. And when she says "She's Not Good For Me", it's her other self she's talking about.

The story she tells us continues to make its way towards the light and it seems that the roommate with her dark half is over: "Oh I know I have loved her before / But she's not good for me / She'll never be". Between awareness and deliberate desire to get rid of her demons, Luna puts an end to this toxic relationship that exhausted her for years. Of course, all of this is taken from her own experience, and she tells it today with all the necessary perspective, freeing herself from the ball and chain that was dragging around her until then.

Accompanied as always by a magnificent music video which leaves plenty of room for contrasts between light and darkness, and carried by a light but subtle production by Dominic Romano (who is releasing a new single this week, we'll talk to you about it soon) and Sam Moses , "She's Not Good For Me" quietly takes us towards the epilogue of this album, of which there are only two songs left to discover.

Another great success both on the musical side and on the visual side, a recipe that works and of which only Luna has the secret, to mix sincerity, poetry, and beauty perched on the same musical notes which sway on a score imbued with lightness despite a heavy message.

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