Luna Keller - Prophecy

November 27, 2020

Here is a song that a lot of people will be able to relate to. And I did, for personal reasons. I'm not going to tell you my life story here, because you may quickly fall asleep and that would be more effective than the best sleeping pills. But it's true that we have all experienced this kind of situation: big changes in our lives, with more or less impact. Changes that bring a lot of positive in our life, even if , sometimes, we have to make inevitable sacrifices. Listen to this song as you would tell a story to a child in the evening. With a lot of gentleness, delicacy and above all ... poetry. Luna perfectly handles the art of writing. Who said you have to scream like Mariah Carey or all the screamers you can hear in 'The Voice' TV shows all around the world? This sweet and particular voice, we know it well now. It's familiar to us because it's the fifth time it comes to rock your ears on IMC. Totally turned towards others, always supporting and sharing, speaking many languages, Luna Keller offers much more than songs. This new single from the Spanish artist is probably going to help a lot of people. But after all, helping is an important part of the character. Luna has a huge advantage. It's like there were several people in her: the sharer, the generous, the helper, the singer, and the poet. Wow, 5 different people in a single body, is that possible? You'll get the answer to that question on Sunday, when the music video will come out. But for now, I'll keep the answer a secret ;)

'Prophecy' has been included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Luna Keller's point of view :

More than two years ago I wrote a song that spoke to me in a way I couldn’t grasp. It felt like a prediction of a future I didn’t know and I called it „Prophecy“. It became one of my favorite songs to play as an encore at my concerts, a bittersweet look forward. Now I’m about to cross the ocean, leave home and move into a big city to follow my dreams. And suddenly the song comes true line by line. I feel like that cocoon from the first line with so much potential. I know it will hurt to leave the people I love and my life behind, even if we stay in touch. But I know I need to go, I have no doubts that my future lies outside of my little world, my horizon. It’s leap of faith I have to take, knowing that it won’t be easy but trusting that the last line comes true and 'You will see me flying'. Most of us need to make a decision like this at some point of our lives: whether it’s leaving our childhood home, moving to another city, starting a new job… we change and we need to move on - expand our horizon and find our place. We’ll always take a part of our past with us in who we are, people we stay connected too, and experiences that change how we see the world, and yet we’ll no longer be a part of our old world. It’s the price we pay to move forward into a different unknown place filled with positive and negative experience that are waiting for us. We all have our own Prophecies, and here is mine. Thank you for listening and being part of my journey.

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Luna Keller grew up in a very musical family – her father playing several instruments like guitar, bass and piano, her mother playing the piano and singing.

She has been singing in the local choir with her mum since being 8 and started to try out all kind of instruments at more or less the same age.

However, it took her five years to fall in love with the guitar, which she learned to play with the help of her father.

She started soon to write her first songs on her new found favourite instrument.

Since then she uses her music to express herself and to channel her feelings and emotions – and has found her true passion.

Luna started busking in her hometown on the sunny island of Tenerife and during a brief stay in Ireland and playing small stages and events.

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