Luna Keller - No Man's Land

January 11, 2022

Luna Keller is a singer-songwriter from Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). She's a really impressive DIY young woman. Wearing multiple hats (in both senses of the word). Yes, this young woman is a fan of hats, cats, and songs. She calls her songs "her friends" because that kind of friend talks to you, and like a puppet, you can make those friends talk. She started to write at a very young age. She filled entire notebooks with notes, drafts, and songs. Some of these songs will never be heard, and some of them sometimes catch her attention, during a livestream or when she finds herself isolated, in quarantine, in a small room, when she travels from country to country in pandemic time.

"No Man's Land", her last single released on January 1st, is one of those songs that young Luna had written. 15-year-old Luna. Of course, the song was reworked before its official release, and a few details have likely been fixed. But the innocence, authenticity, and talent of 15-year-old Luna are still there. The first time I listened to the song in its final version, I was in religious silence. And the tears immediately came up.

I say it often through my articles, I take great pleasure in seeing my artists evolve over time. Some like Kahone Concept were already there during my previous projects, and I saw them grow. But there are other artists, like Luna, that I didn't know a few years ago, and it's a pleasure to find out who they were before, and see what they have become now. Yesterday, Luna Keller shared a short video on her Instagram in which we see her, at the age of 15, singing this song.

Almost shy, but not hesitant, Luna was probably already aware by this time that words had extraordinary power. When you're young, you don't realize how quickly time flies. Luna was born the year I started promoting indie artists. Insane. And today, she is a real source of inspiration. For me, but also for other singer-songwriters, for her fans, and an immeasurable bunch of people around the world.

As Luna said herself, "Being a young artist in the current global situation is filled with uncertainties. Things don’t go the way you want them to and setting goals is almost unrealistic. “No Man’s Land” is a song that reminds me to keep moving forward even when the path isn’t clear. I’m on my way, I’m doing what I love and I will find my place in time”.

I would rather say that Luna was on her way. Even if she feels that there is still a long way to go, I think that today she has achieved what she has always dreamed of: making music full-time. And creating songs that change people's lives (Prophecy, Ray of Light) or that accompany painful events in their lives (Wolves, for example, unreleased but often played in her livestreams on Twitch). The fact that she sings "I'm on my way to be better than today" makes a lot of sense. Because Luna does not yet realize she has the power to change things and make this world a better place thanks to her songs.

For almost four years, Luna has been accompanying my daily life, and not just as an artist. She has become a friend, whom I enjoy meeting online at various events. It even happens that we cross paths on livestreams of other artists without consulting each other beforehand. She became a writer for IMC and treats us with her monthly podcast. She has become a listening ear, and I could even say a pillar. She's always there when your world falls apart. When you need to talk, she listens to you. She advises you, gives you ideas, and sometimes kicks your ass. So you might think that with such a relationship I'm a bit biased in allowing myself to write an article about someone who is so close to me. And you could accuse me of favoritism. But I would answer you: "ok, reach this very high level of quality of a human being, and then we can talk about it again".

"No Man's Land" is riddled with punchy lines like "I made mistakes, that's what it takes, a low for every high, yet I learned to fly". Yes, you learned to fly, little Luna! Look where you are today! This new single reveals the indelible doubts that we can have, no matter who we are, whether we have succeeded or not. Luna still drags her Shadows on her Wall, but she keeps moving forward. Her album "Prophecies and Silver Linings" is coming soon. And she's already working on the next one.

"No Man's Land" is a perfect song for a fresh start. And its release on January 1 was no accident. A little gem that you will enjoy listening to in our "Fresh Indie" and "IMC Family" playlists, as well as on our radio station. I hope Luna doesn't blame me, but I took the liberty of asking the community's opinion on this fabulous song, and some people came back to me with wonderful thoughts, which you can read below.

Thomas LaVine:
Luna always has a way of having this direct pen-to-paper thought process that feels like snapshots of different points of her life. This song is no different and feels like her speaking of a balance that she’s found, specifically “a low for every high” which sounds like a sort of yin and yang thought, where you understand life is not about either of these two, but instead the balance that they create. She delivers these thoughts in what is to me a wonderfully classic singer-songwriter sound that brings to mind some of the kings like Bonnie Raitt or Ray LaMontagne.

Alex Dimancea:
As with all of Luna's songs No Man's Land is so relatable. With all the changes I went through in 2021 I feel like I'm walking into no Man's Land in 2022. It's scary and exciting and every emotion in between and this song covers all of that.

Clouds & Thorns:
A deeply thoughtful song about overcoming the war within. The song has wonderfully lush production that serves the introspective mood perfectly. Luna’s voice feels like it’s searching throughout… searching for meaning… searching for answers. But the title suggests that she’s in stuck between the realization that her world is at war, and the peace that she’s working towards. The only possible answer is found in the refrain “I’m on my way” …suggesting that the only resolution is to just keep going… and to understand that, for now, it has to be enough. Thank you for a great song Luna.

Joe Pope:
I’ve always loved Luna’s Keller’s music and her new release is no exception. To have written No Man’s Land at the tender age of fifteen, shows more than foresight. It shows her passion for becoming more than she is. It is true of what she has become and it foreshadows what still lies ahead for her as an artist.

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Picture by Grace Bontoft. Written with love by Niko. "No Man's Land" has been added to our "Fresh Indie" and "IMC Family" playlists on Spotify and will start to play on the radio.


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