Luna Keller - Let Me Go Now

September 18, 2020

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Even before she started to sing, we were already seduced by the warm piano of the intro. An instrument that is rare in her compositions, and which, combined with her extraordinary voice, installs us in an immediate melancholy atmosphere. Indeed, Luna Keller has a voice that you will not soon forget. For her 4th visit to the blog, she plunges us into the disturbed world of breakup. When love sometimes means sacrificing certain parts of yourself, to the extreme, then it becomes difficult to call it love. A song with strong emotional power, where Luna's voice shows us all its potential in the treble, during the bridge. Much less guitar-driven than her previous releases, "Let Me Go Now" is an invitation to reflection, and to decision making. But that unique voice always brings a little warmth, even in a rather dark writing theme. This is the magic of Luna Keller. And we always ask for more, as it's still delicious.

Luna Keller's point of view :

There are certain stereotypes about love that we grow up with. One of them is the highly romanticised idea that love should last forever and you should fight with everything you have to keep a relationship alive. Even when that means giving up on other things. But reality is different, and I realised that very quickly when me and my friends started having relationships. I saw very toxic relationships held together only by that abstract concept „he’s doing this because he loves me“. I also saw beautiful relationships that just stopped working over time, and ended up being painful for everyone. I like to think that I will have the strength to let go of a relationship when it’s pushing me or my partner down instead of being good. But the thought is scary, and painful. That’s what „Let Me Go Now“ is about - letting go of someone you love because you love them. But taking it a bit further I like to extend that concept too friendships, ideas, hurt or fear. „Let me go now, I’m not afraid of falling down“ - let the things that weigh you down go. It’s not easy, and it can be really painful, but eventually it will set you free. The song was recorded in our home studio in Spain, except for the percussions recorded by Uli Pfannmüller in Germany and the piano recorded by Eric Bay in London. Uli actually used a big flower vase for the main percussion track. I was pretty impressed by it’s originality. Let ME Go Now started as an acoustic guitar based track, like most of my songs. Hence we wanted a change and asked Eric to play a piano track. He nailed it with his first track and everything fell into place.. „Let Me Go Now“ is the third single of my upcoming project „Prophecies and Silver Linings“. It’s a collection of songs I wrote while becoming an adult and learning about live. Letting go is one of the harder lessons for sure.

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Luna Keller grew up in a very musical family – her father playing several instruments like guitar, bass and piano, her mother playing the piano and singing.

She has been singing in the local choir with her mum since being 8 and started to try out all kind of instruments at more or less the same age.

However, it took her five years to fall in love with the guitar, which she learned to play with the help of her father.

She started soon to write her first songs on her new found favourite instrument.

Since then she uses her music to express herself and to channel her feelings and emotions – and has found her true passion.

Luna started busking in her hometown on the sunny island of Tenerife and during a brief stay in Ireland and playing small stages and events.

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