Luna Keller & Clouds And Thorns - Live It All

October 02, 2023

Indie Music Center, gather 'round because we've got an extraordinary story to tell, one that transcends time zones and unites generations – Luna Keller and Rich Andruska. If you thought intergenerational friendships only happened in heartwarming Disney movies, think again.

Luna, currently living it up in Germany and soaking in her twenties, and Rich, the music maestro from the streets of New Jersey with over three decades of musical wisdom, have teamed up to prove that music knows no bounds.

Luna has already racked up more passport stamps than your local post office, while Rich has a music resume so long that if it were a novel, you'd need a cozy winter to finish reading it. Luna's preparing to drop her much-anticipated album, "Ocean Inside Of Me," while Rich, under the alias "Clouds & Thorns," continues to shower us with joyful indie-folk tunes, like Santa Claus during an indie-folk musical Christmas (ho ho ho, it's coming soon!).

Their meeting resulted in a collaboration that's pure musical magic, starting with the release of "The Best Days" on May 26, 2023. It's like introducing your taste buds to a symphony of flavors you never knew existed, and now the pair has followed up with their latest banger – "Live It All." At first, they considered releasing their musical brainchild under the name "Every Day Colour," but decided to stick to their stage names, which have already carved out their own cozy nooks in the indie music universe.

As they wisely put it themselves, "Live It All" is a song that's all about embracing life's vibrant colors and diving headfirst into each of them. It's the kind of anthem that makes you want to high-five the nearest squirrel, a soundtrack to remind you of what it truly means to be human. On a bad day, it's a lifeline of hope; on a good day, it's an irresistible dance invitation.

"Live It All" is the perfect example of what makes Clouds & Thorns songs feel like a ray of musical sunshine. It's that irresistible urge to shove aside the furniture and dance your heart out as if the world were ending in the next three minutes. Luna and Rich have mastered vocal harmonies so brilliantly that it's like a sonic tango. You'll find yourself cranking up the volume and singing like you're auditioning for a world-record-breaking shower concert.

The song itself is a fascinating play of light and darkness, a theme that echoes in both Luna and Rich's musical histories. It's like a transatlantic bridge between New Jersey and Germany, where the distance between the two artists has vanished thanks to the internet's magic. Hours of Zoom conversations and file exchanges have turned their music into a manifestation of international unity.

"Live It All" is super catchy, and it's like a musical sunbeam that deserves a permanent spot on your feel-good playlists. You'll be hitting repeat so often that your neighbors will soon believe that you've discovered the secret to endless happiness!

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