Luna Keller - A Ray Of Light

July 11, 2020

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Luna Keller, true to herself, returns for the third time to IMC.

Her new single "A Ray Of Light" is released today.

Always with a lot of melancholy in her texts, she depicts an often sad universe but in which we always find a light.

And we can say that, this time, the title of the song is more than appropriate.

Carefully written lyrics go well with a delicate melody, and the song builds gradually.

Until a big ending, with loads of emotions, which allows you to sing along.

Another masterpiece, by the young Spanish singer from Tenerife.

What we love in Luna's universe is her poetry.

She's quite young, but already thinks like a mature woman, who could have lived a thousand lives.

She writes with her soul, and, above all, with honesty.

She even told us that she considers her songs to be friends.

"When I started writing this one, I was feeling down - so I started writing a sad song.

But when then I got to the chorus I realized that I needed to write about hope.

The result is a song that has often helped me to get a positive perspective when I feel low."

Luna Keller is actually recording a new EP, "Prophecies and Silver Linings".

There's no doubt, you will hear from her again on the IMC very soon, and probably when this EP will be released.

Always with a smile on her face, despite melancholic songs, Luna has a lot of projects.

Always filling up her notebook with new songs, she's also a talented presenter, and owns her podcast "Why Doesn't Everyone Know This Song?", available on Soundcloud and broadcasted on several radio stations.

"A Ray Of Light", a masterpiece that we added to our "Indie Folk" playlist on Spotify.


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