Luna Bay - You

August 18, 2023

It's always quite moving for us to see how far some of our previously featured artists have come over the years, when we haven't heard from them in a long time.

And for Luna Bay, it goes back to 2019! Wow, that seems so far away. That time when we shared their song "All In", and above all, that time when we had 200 fans and wrote our articles in French. And in 2019, we never imagined that 4 years later, just by having the idea of writing in English, we would be read in 142 countries by tens of thousands of people every month.

And going back to Luna Bay, in 2019 we also wouldn't have imagined that 4 years later they would be collecting millions of streams on Spotify and thousands of fans worldwide. And honestly? We think it's great to have grown up separately and find ourselves in 2023 with a huge crush on their new release!

It is therefore with undisguised pleasure and immense pride that we present to you today the explosive new single from Luna Bay, "You", released today on all platforms. Yes, we said "explosive" because this new single is a pure bomb that will electrify you and make you want to get up immediately and dance. We were talking about growing up, and that's precisely the theme of this song: our evolution from our teenage years, and the evolution of our behaviors. 

I admit that now that I turned 36 a few weeks ago, sometimes I still catch myself thinking I'm 17. And these kind of tracks remind me of the music I was listening to at the time. Our memories make us who we are, and it is impossible for us to erase them. So live with it, and let's have a blast!

With a super catchy chorus, easy to sing along with, super professional production, perfectly mastered vocals with luminous harmonies, Luna Bay scores a lot of points and aligns all the stars. We don't like to give ratings, but if we could, we'd give it a 100/100 without hesitation!

"You" brings together everything that makes a track an excellent indie-rock anthem. Sound like we don't do any more these days. It is true that over the years, our "indie-rock" section has tended to weaken due to the lack of quality tracks. Here is something to give us hope and prove to us that the genre is not dead!

Another highlight of the track: the super catchy chorus comes after only 42 seconds. And radio station programmers love it when it happens around the 40 second mark, because it means the song has all the potential to hook the listener from the start and most importantly... to become a must-have hit! Yes, my 25 years in radio have taught me a whole lot of secrets about the music industry.

After having conquered BBC Radio 1 and settling on NFM playlists both in the USA and the US, the English quartet treat themselves to a red carpet with "You", allowing them to open and even break down all the doors to Success. You will still hear about them, and this is just the beginning of an endless adventure.

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