Luke Beling - Pain Like a River

August 25, 2023

A few months of break due to my return to a full-time job, and here I am again with some tasty discoveries. During these few months, I had the chance and the pleasure of listening to IMC's Spotify playlists, and Luke Beling was one of my traveling companions. The artist seduced us last year with his EP mixing folk and South African sounds.

New year, new project for our artist who recently joined the IMC Family. Indeed, his debut album is being designed and here is the second single, "Pain Like a River". As Luke explains, the track "is a song for anybody who's dealt with loss and grievance. I wrote it after receiving the news about the tragic death of one of my friend's sons in a motorcycle accident."

For those who have never heard Luke Beling before, what may surprise you is his outstanding voice. Oh no, he doesn't need to master diva techniques like Mariah Carey to cast a spell on you. Instead, expect simplicity, and imagine our artist more like a great uncle who would come to tell you a story by the fireside. Magical, and almost mystical, this voice succeeds each time in transporting us where Luke wants. Whether in South Africa with his previous project, or on the rocky ground evoked in this song.

Yes, nature is an integral part of his very colorful, descriptive and immersive writing. It is his inspiration. And the result is still and always breathtaking: you just have to close your eyes to let yourself be transported. If I had to sum up the music of Luke Beling in just a few words, I would say that Luke is the most efficient airline on the market. Cheap. Instant travel. Guaranteed escape.

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