Luke Beling - Mzansi Afrika

September 30, 2022

Before clicking on "play" on the player above, we prefer to warn you: what you are about to hear is absolutely unique. Truly unique. An unexpected mix of two musical genres that everything seems to oppose, and which nevertheless provides a pure and warm emotion: indie-folk and traditional Zulu. Yes, you read that right. Don't believe us? So, now hit the "play" button and enjoy.

Yes, Hawaiian but South African-born and raised artist Luke Beling is back. We discovered him on September 28, 2021, with "The Way Back", a much folkier song.

September 30, 2022, a year later, the singer dazzled us with his talent in an unexpected and joyful song production. "Mzansi Afrika" is probably the kind of musical surprise that only happens once or twice in a lifetime. How many times have you wanted to have everyone around you listen to a song so that they can discover it in turn?

Deeply anchored in the roots of his childhood, this new song is for Luke Beling a great opportunity to pay tribute to the land that saw him grow up. And the tribute is very successful and pleasantly surprises our ears from the first seconds. We are not going to reveal everything to you, but we are simply going to tell you that this track is really worth a listen, it is built over seconds, and will not leave you indifferent. On the contrary, it could leave you speechless.

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