Luke Beling - Madiba

November 04, 2022

On September 30, the South African now living in Hawaii Luke Beling made us vibrate with a unique blend of folk and African music in "Mzansi Afrika".

Here he is back with a new single, a little in the same vein, a little less folk and a little more pop, but still tinged with absolutely prodigious African music.

The second single from his upcoming EP, "Madiba" pays tribute to this great man who marked history. Wait. Pause. For the youngest among you, Madiba is the nickname of Nelson Mandela, who worked his whole life for racial equality. The worst part of his fight is that he ended up in jail. Wikipedia will tell you the full story much better than us.

Once again, the artist seduced us with his unique and daring mix of genres and is beginning to make us become fans of African sounds.

Luke Beling put a lot of detail into the production of this new single, and the amount of instruments used is absolutely insane. Go ahead, try to count them!

Above all, the warm voice and the incredible vocal harmonies in the background in the final part can only make us travel. Just close your eyes. And enjoy the trip.

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