Luch Stefano - I Like It On You

March 17, 2023

You know, sometimes, the 35-year-old guy that I am feels a little dropped in an ultra-connected world where we "enjoy life" by watching super fast 15-second content. And sometimes, I feel a little lonely continuing to enjoy longer content, which I can take the time to discover.

Like this intro of more than a minute (yes!) in the new single from storyteller Luch Stefano. Just with this intro, you will have understood that we are dealing with a goldsmith of the guitar. And it's no coincidence since he started playing the guitar very early. His guitar is his first means of expression, even before the lyrics, and it is therefore normal that it occupies such an important place in his songs. And it is not to displease us. Because this intro installs a kind of mystery that fits very well with the embarrassing situation that is told in the lyrics.

The energy of this song, which is part of a 30-track (yes, 30!) project the artist is actually working on, is absolutely fabulous. Positive, sunny, and joyful, "I Like it On You" is the kind of little musical gem that can put a smile on your face even in the worst of circumstances. Because the context of the relationship evoked in the song is not the simplest. What if you have a crush on someone who's already in a relationship?

"It was written about a girl with a Geordie accent. 'I hate that bloody accent but I suppose I like it on you' is the line that was fueled by a work romance abroad. Myself and another singer had undeniable chemistry but it was ' Dangerous times' as this girl is already in a relationship. phase and begins with a mysterious acoustic introduction, diving into a synth world of wonder".

Yes, Luch Stefano said he wanted the listener to feel as lost as he did, and we can say that the exercise was successful. Although disconcerting, this long intro is a great springboard for the boundless energy that will follow throughout the rest of the song. The construction of the song really stands out from what we're usually used to hearing and that's why we love it so much!

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