Lucas Fournier - Lakeside

September 12, 2022

To regret not having shared your honest feelings with a special person, to know that your fear of being too vulnerable won; isn’t that one of the most heart-breaking circumstances? But many of us find ourselves being able to express these unspoken words through the world of music.

Lucas Fournier, with whom I share the same age of 19 years old, began to write his song "Lakeside" as a "simple guitar sketch" but turned it into a song of many emotional layers that extend the sung words. Brutally honest and with genuine sincerity he addresses a special someone and admits his self-doubts, regrets, and lost opportunities. The particular place of a lakeside he nostalgically sings about is connected to this person and their memories together. 

With this song, a new exciting musical chapter dawns for Lucas as it is the first single from a couple of new songs which will be released in the forthcoming months. 

Reasonably, he finds music to be the most natural way of expressing himself.

"I regret the words I never said." After Lucas sang these exact words, you can hear an ambient, melancholic instrumental break as if the feelings he tries to express go beyond words and as if the only way to truly give them the recognition and meaning they deserve may be possible through music. In addition to the gentle piano notes and quiet violin, rain sounds wash over you. Music can talk without the usage of words; it can create a full dimension of feelings whereas words sometimes fail to portray even a fragment of what you actually feel. This instrumental part may seem sad and melancholic at first, but towards the guitar build up you hear a spark of hope and joy, which then ignites an epic, powerful finale. At its peak Lucas reveals "It's not over yet" and gives shape to the hope in the form of words too. Collaborators Harley Eblen and Charles Henry-Volk helped create this three-dimensional song. 

Maybe it is because of our shared age that I find a deep understanding of his described insecurity and self-doubts, but I believe that this song goes beyond age and time. It shows a universal range of emotions on a topic that all of us experience in our individual lives.

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