Lisa Heller - Wings

July 16, 2020

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This is the fourth feature for Lisa Heller on the IMC.

The young and mature artist just dropped last Friday a kind of bomb.

Her new single "Wings", is probably the song where the artist went deeper in her emotional states of mind.

One of the most human artists we've ever met, Lisa is the kind of person who never talks about her emotions. She sings them.

As music is the better escape she could have found, this song is the better open book she has written ever.

The final part will bring you the chills you were searching for when coming here!

We're supposed to keep it a secret, but at Indie Music Center, among more than 1,000 artists already featured, and more than 8,000 already heard, we have about 10 artists that we call "sure values".

And Lisa is a part of them. Definitely!

One more song and she will join the IMC Certified Artists!


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