Lisa Heller - Pulling Away

February 08, 2020

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She will be only 24 years old soon. And yet Lisa Heller is all great.

A great maturity in writing, composition, and quite simply her way of being as an artist.

Among the nearly 7,000 artists who came to see us, Lisa is probably the one who exudes the most sincerity in her music.

She writes how she feels. Deeply. And with unrivaled intensity.

Always one step ahead of other artists, the young woman always offers us breathtaking performances.

And it is not for nothing that among four songs which she submitted to us in 3 years, we accepted ... four or them.

Lisa Heller is our favorite, our favorite far ahead.

She has a lucid vision of everything that happens to her, as a woman, but also as an artist.

She recently left her label to become independent again, and to be able to write what she feels, freely.

And she did well. Her songs, always carried by simple but effective melodies, are full of sincerity and emotions.

This new single is like a showcase, where Lisa delicately deposited her emotions, to then carefully close the box, and move on.

It seems like breakups are a subject that she perfectly masters, as well as her voice, comfortable in all tones.

A talent for writing and it is not surprising, since it comes from her heart.

In music, as in general, when you do things with your heart, you do miracles.

Lisa Heller is our favorite miracle.


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