Lisa Heller - Midnight

November 10, 2017

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“Midnight” highlights the culture of disposable relationships that are currently too entrenched in today's society, especially in high schools. The animated video pits Cinderella's ideal relationship against that of the non-romantic relationships that currently dominate.

The song tells us about a romantic relationship that ended badly. And the least we can say is that she has a lot on her heart. "It's hard to have prospects when all you can do is shut my mouth up." It's cash. But honest. "Empty promises and mysteries in the messages you sent me, no apologies, just one night and then it's over. Because you ran out the door on a Sunday morning". The lyrics are punchy and add to the scorching atmosphere of the song.

Lisa Heller's voice had already pleased us a lot when we were still called Pop'N'rocK Radio since we had added one of her tracks on air. And in our minds, it's like it was yesterday.

It is a warm voice that we do not forget. And we frankly hope that we will hear it more and more. One thing is certain: you will see her again on IMC next January, as she is currently working on new tracks.


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