Lisa Heller - Figure It Out

January 04, 2020

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Lisa Heller is one of our longest-known artists. Three years ago, she made us succumb to "Things You Never Said", that we played on the radio.

In 2017 with "Midnight", when we created Indie Music Center.

She is finally back with a new single since we always say in French "Never 2 without 3".

An artist who is too rare with us? We agree!

So let's savor together this new single, borrowing simplicity and emotion.

Unlike all the pop songs you can hear on the radio these days, Lisa doesn't need tricks to be dazzling.

Only her voice accompanies the piano and gives us an impeccable, flawless vocal performance.

A few soft vocal harmonies arise on the chorus, as if to show that the artist can bring in some power anytime.

But all in restraint. And that's what we love about Lisa.

A singer with exceptional abilities but who knows how to balance her emotions.

"Figure It Out" is described by Lisa as a journey through herself, be it the person or the artist.

In our chats with the artist, we were able to discover a very organized young woman and very accessible.

It is natural that we find a bit of her personality in this song, in which the artist reveals her deepest thoughts.

We hope to see her again a little more often at Indie Music Center!


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