Lisa Heller - brown paper bag

January 17, 2023

"brown paper bag" is the first single from Lisa Heller's upcoming 12-chapter musical story of her life, which explores themes of mental health and personal growth. The song sets the tone for the rest of the project, which is set to be released this year. And we couldn't be happier to hear about this fabulous project from our IMC Family artist.

Musically, we can say that it's a bit far from her previous releases, such as "Wings" and "Figure It Out," which had a more intimate sound. The production elements in "brown paper bag" are more polished and bring the song to the present, making it more radio-friendly and accessible to a wider audience. The melody is catchy and the chorus is memorable and will stay in your head long after the song is over.

The lyrics are still personal and evocative, but they are delivered in a way that is more relatable and accessible to a broader audience. The theme of mental health is still present, but it's conveyed in a way that is less heavy-handed, and more subtle and nuanced. One of the key strengths of Lisa Heller as an artist is her ability to invite listeners into her inner world and share her thoughts and experiences in a way that is relatable and authentic. Her lyrics are raw and personal, providing a window into her emotions and struggles: "I don't wanna come up to reality", as she says. If you're attentive, you may also find some lyrics in the artwork.

The melody is emotive and powerful, with a strong vocal performance from Lisa. And we'll never get tired of hearing that wonderful voice, honestly. We fell in love with this strong vocal identity more than 5 years ago, and can we be honest? We missed her!

Overall, "brown paper bag" is a strong single that sets the stage for an exciting and highly-anticipated project. We're looking forward to hearing more from Lisa Heller in the coming months! The little caterpillar that we knew 5 years ago has become a pretty butterfly that multiplies the hats and has fun on stage with people like Yung Gravy and PeachTree Rascals to name a few. She made it to Spotify editorial playlists, she leaned on TikTok to make it a tool to connect with her fans, and here she is now on the front of the stage with more than 3.5 million streams. She even made it to the iTunes Japan Electronic Chart. Nothing can stop her! And we're so proud of Lisa Heller!

Picture by @poojasphotos

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "brown paper bag" on our "Indie Music Center" playlist on Spotify.


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