Limón Limón - Frozen Lemonade

July 08, 2020

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3rd feature for the LA-based duo Limón Limón.

After making us dance in April with "Routine", they're back with a new single, with a quite refreshing title, made for summer : "Frozen Lemonade".

What we've always loved with Limón Limón is their ability to create melodies which will run in your head for hours...

And this new single is no exception to the rule.

But Jason and Rand added something new to their colorful universe, thanks to the amazing music video : poetry.

As an immersion in our wildest dreams, the music video show sharks and rays flying in the sky, a snowboard man in a frying pan...

Every single second of this music video was created with attention, as everything is very well made, and sometimes, we can ask ourselves "is this real?"

You'll probably have the same question in your mind, when the song is over, as it's very addictive : "was this song real?".

Riding between dreams and reality, this new single reaches a high level that Limón Limón had not yet shown so far.

This is one of our biggest summer crushes.

A gem to find in our "Indie Pop" Spotify playlist.

Quite a rare situation, when we feature 2 tracks of the artist/band in the same playlist :)


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