Lena Minder - Stay Around

March 15, 2021

Hauntingly beautiful, that is the best way to describe Lena Minder's latest release "Stay Around". It’s the first release under her real name and it showcases her artistry in every aspect: with a sublime production and masterful storytelling.

The song is carried by a repetitive acoustic guitar and builds up with carefully woven layers of harmonies and dreamy instrumentation that includes a floating piano and simple but tasteful percussions. Minders' vocal performance accomplishes to sound both effortless and deeply emotional. The whole track sounds a little otherworldly as if it came to you in a dream to tell its tale of longing and acceptance.

In March 2020 Lena had decided to move back to Switzerland after spending three years in Berlin and it was around this time that she wrote the song. The emotions attached to saying goodbye to a place you’ve learned to belong to, clearly shine through the song. It holds on to the people loved in the past with a beautiful nostalgia while acknowledging that things change and sometimes we have to go. There’s comfort in knowing that we will still always be a part of each other lives though, regardless of not being together anymore "stay around, even if I go".

When COVID hit the artist's plans changed and she decided to stay in Berlin where she recorded this song at "The Famous Goldwatch" Studios alongside more singles to be released later this year. With her beautiful harmonies, haunting melodies and masterful storytelling Lena Minder is definitely an artist to follow, I’m looking forward to see where her musical journey takes us next.

The song is accompanied by a delightfully artsy music video, watch it here:

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More about Lena

Lena Minder left her hometown of Zurich, Switzerland in 2017 and moved to Berlin. Under the artist name of «Liv Summer» the singer/songwriter has released two EP’s, Liv Summer (2015) and Over Land and Sea (2019).

She has also toured extensively in Germany and Switzerland, performing numerous concerts, including many festivals, and also as a support act of international artists (such as Luka, Bloom, Sarah Klang, Tyler Ward).

Her audiences have always been fascinated by her warm voice and captivating stage presence, which has allowed her to pursue her love of music and performing and gain many fans along the way.

At the beginning of 2020, she started to work on her debut album. Partly inspired by the decision to start using her real name, Lena Minder, she began experimenting with brand new sounds looking to develop herself as a solo artist. This also led to a new passion for producing.

And now teaming up together with Cameron Laing at “The Famous Gold Watch Studios” in Berlin, she has been recording and producing these new visions.

by Luna Keller


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