Karl Jakob - I guess i'll never know

February 10, 2023

Are you ready to dance? Let's go to Sweden to meet Karl Jakob, a philosopher and music producer, who has been making music for over a decade! He began as the guitarist and saxophonist for the Grammy-nominated band Zekes in the early 2000s and later released his first self-produced indie pop album under the name The Key Key in 2012. He has also released two albums and two EPs with the Malmö-based indie band Feelium.

Karl Jakob's latest release, "I guess I'll never know" is a dynamic and catchy power-pop track, written thirteen years ago during a time of self-doubt and unrequited love. Despite multiple iterations over the years, the song never saw a formal release until now. By infusing elements of 80s disco and rock, Karl Jakob has crafted a single that is a standout in his debut album "Mayfield Meadows", also out today. The track is a personal reflection of Karl Jakob's journey and experiences, and it showcases his distinct style and signature sound.

It's a song that features a catchy and upbeat melody that is immediately engaging and makes you want to dance. The use of synths in the track adds a modern and dynamic element that gives the song a fun and upbeat feel! The combination of the catchy melody and the use of synths creates a sound that is both nostalgic and contemporary, making it an instant earworm. Honestly? It's hard not to tap your feet or move your body to the rhythm. Overall, this enjoyable track is sure to get you in a good mood, even if the lyrics are full of self-doubts. Get ready to add this banger to your pop playlists, because you won't be able to live without it anymore.

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