Kalen Chase - Good Things

June 27, 2020

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You can't really guess what will happen, when you're listening to the calm piano intro of this track...

Then a powerful choir comes to sing the chorus, with percussive drums and a catchy melody.

Believe it or not, but Kalen Chase comes from a metal universe.

After working with Korn and fronting the band Vimic, he's now all alone to release this single.

Well, not really alone, as you can hear and see in the music video haha.

Heartfelt lyrics, carried by soulful vocals, in a track that takes an epic turn.

The final part is amazing. We won't tell you everything about it, to let the surprise act correctly, as it did with us.

But the metal roots haven't been given up, for sure! What an end!

Powerful emotions and chills are here, and this is the reason why you're discovering this track on the IMC.

Welcome on board, Kalen Chase !

A gem to find in our "Indie Rock Killers" Spotify playlist.


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