Kalden Berg - Save it

May 24, 2021

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In this week's artist pick, I’m taking a little detour from the usual folky songs to write about Kalden Berg's latest release "Save it". It’s got some of the best songwriting and singing that I’ve heard this year and I couldn’t resist the urge to share it. It’s the fourth song the South African artist releases and it’s definitely more complex than his previous singles - it turns to the most interesting places musically while keeping us hooked with great melodies and lyrics.

The emotion behind this beautiful piece of music comes from a place of loss, trying to make sense of a new reality after a love story gone wrong. "Show me what to do when I walk away from you" the lyrics play beautifully with the confusion of moving on from someone who’s been so important to you that you almost want to turn back to them. That emotion is carried by a stunning vocal performance with an effortless intensity that really works in any setting.

Something that really stands out about Kalden Berg is how diverse his releases have been and how much they contrast with the acoustic music he makes on his live streams on Twitch. It’s always exciting to see how he takes these simple guitar and voice songs and turns them into something so different and detailed - like a piece of paper folded into an intricate origami sculpture.

You really don’t know what to expect from each release, but so far the surprises have always been positive. I am definitely excited to see what musical adventure Kalden will take us next. I’m sure he’s saved a lot of great music for us…

Listen to "Save it" here:

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Written by Luna Keller.


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