Kahone Concept - Maybe (Acoustic)

May 07, 2021

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I'll be totally honest with you: I'll remember May 7th. Because I have had this day in mind for weeks and it was quite complicated to find the quality I am looking for. Yesterday, I spent the day looking for a nugget that came out today, to offer you a complete selection. Without success. Nothing to do!

For 11 hours, I listened to exactly 118 songs without the emotional trigger being made (yes, that's being a blogger, there are ups and downs, but I reassure you, the ups are more frequent than the downs). Then, at 11 p.m. and a few minutes, (less than an hour from midnight in our timezone), I discovered on Instagram a post from one of our IMC Certified Artists announcing a release for ... May 7th. Am I dreaming?

So, after several weeks, my wish comes true one hour from the deadline. I find this lesson quite interesting. This proves that chasing after something is pointless. If this thing is supposed to happen to you, it will happen to you. You just have to be patient.

Of course, I don't blame him. Because he remains an indisputable master of emotions.

Ben Orrvick, aka Kahone Concept, is back today with this very stripped-down version of his track "Maybe", which blew us away last year. When I say stripped down, it's stripped down. Nothing sticks out, even if we are used to seeing this artist walking around in his underwear on his social media.

Until my favorite part, the finale, where the emotions are there at full speed. But nothing artificial, just a few piano chords, and you're done. It's the same song, I can confirm it to you since I know it by heart, with a few details: some parts were intentionally skipped (remember the long outro of the original, it wouldn't have made sense to do the same in an acoustic way).

The same song, but with different emotions because you can really focus on Ben's voice. I have always loved his voice, and I have never hidden from him that I love his voice (we have known each other for 6 years now), but this version allows you to enjoy this exceptional voice 100%. And on its own, that voice sends shivers down your spine and your arm hair ends up standing upright.

With each release, always a little more powerful, a little louder, Kahone Concept, in my opinion, exceeds everything one would expect from a creative artist. Ben is constantly reinventing himself, while maintaining the quality, and even still working to improve it. To surprise you over and over again (even when it's the same song). And I know he will surprise us again this year. Quiet. It's a secret and I haven't told you anything ;)

Added to our main Spotify Playlist, to the IMC Certified Artists Playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.

Also, we thought it would be interesting for you to hear the original version. And with the music video, it's even better:


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