Kahone Concept - Hylow

January 08, 2021

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I am very proud to share here with you what could be a huge hit. When I heard the first notes of the intro, I immediately understood that Ben Orrvick, aka Kahone Concept, had set the bar very high again. The melody of the verse is already exceptional. High quality, as usual with him. And when the chorus comes, we just take off, and fly into the clouds. Let's be transparent: I received the song several weeks ago. And I knew straight away that it was going to be one of the biggest 2021's bangers without any doubt. I don't think I'm wrong, because Kahone Concept always delivers quality. His single "Maybe" got more than 200K streams on Spotify. Our artist always has questions about himself. We all have ups and downs, or doubts. And the song is about this ongoing conflict that we all have inside. And honestely, this new single has enormous potential. The second verse is incredible, with beautiful notes perched in the treble, and the song continues, second after second, to make us want to turn up the volume. The bridge offers us beautiful vocal harmonies before a final explosion as I like them, with high notes, held for a long time, which show a side of Kahone Concept that we had never seen until then: an amazing vocal power. The very end of the track struggles to bring us down from the cloud ... And we have only one desire: play it on repeat! I'm not going to hide it: it's already my favorite song of the year. So if you like it, don't hesitate to share it with your friends and family. And if you're at work, thank you in advance for boring your coworkers and your boss with it.

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Kahone Concept's point of view :

I’m definitely most proud of this song. I feel like I can finally call myself a producer with this one, recording it I felt like I actually knew what I was doing for once. That lasted like 5 minutes and now I’m back to feeling like I don’t know anything again lol. I believe that we all are looking for the same love and strive for doing what’s right, we all just call it different things whether it be a god, the universe, or just everyday life.

Lyrics :

I'm separated, it's how my mind goes

Like an edge of a wall to my elbow

Step away outside, from myself and I

Lacking sense of what's a lie

Carefully, carefully

What will you do?

Is it high? Is it low?

Is it something in between or in a hole?

I'm separated, it's kinda old school

Looking at your world through an eye hole

It's hard to say, because I don't know why

Carefully, carefully

What am I to do?

Is it high? Is it low?

Is it something in between or in a hole?

Is it faith, that keeps us clean?

Or is it human to do our good deeds?

Is it high

After all

Things were made to change

I'm at the corner of

Conflicted and afraid

Can I believe at all

This world was made to die

Could you believe to be?

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Biography :

Kahone Concept officially began in 2015, but the foundations of this Pittsburgh-based alternative pop/rock band were laid long before then. 23-year-old Ben Orrvick taught himself how to play a variety of instruments throughout his childhood, but as he’d struggled to find people to start a band with, he took matters into his own hands and began learning how to create music independently at the age of 16. After spending a while as a bedroom artist, Orrvick made the decision to self-release CLOUDS, an EP written, recorded, produced and mixed entirely on his own. Thus, Kahone Concept was born: a project he named after an instrument he made in woodshop class. The name, Orrvick explains, fits the ethos that surrounds his music: “it’s important to find significance even in the smallest of things; we each find our own significance. It’s what gives us purpose.” CLOUDS quickly began to gain traction online, with several indie stations picking up the closing track, “Silent Sounds”. Since then, Kahone Concept has grown exponentially in the Pittsburgh music scene: critics have repeatedly noted the individuality of the one-man band’s sound, which blends “dazzling synths with immersive layers of other instruments”. With the release of their sophomore EP, Towers, the band gained further recognition: it was nominated for “Best EP of 2017” by Pittsburgh music magazine Sound Scene Express, and the band was voted “2017 Pittsburgh’s Best Pop/Rock Band” by the Pittsburgh City Paper. Their live shows have become known for their high energy and interactivity with the crowds, which Kahone Concept continues to draw with the release of the new single, titled “Intricated” available now.


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