Julia K - Lie

February 10, 2023

After Lyrika and Karl Jakob, this is the third time this week that IMC has set down in Sweden. And we already told you why: the Scandinavian countries are like a nest of super talented artists.

What seduced us first with Julia K was her angelic voice. The kind of voice that conveys any emotion with disconcerting ease. No, no need for vibrato or fantasies, this voice is simple but very effective!

With such a short duration, barely more than three minutes, we did not expect such a gradual increase in power until triggering the thrill we were looking for.

The song evokes those moments when you don't really know how you feel. And sometimes we find ourselves lying without really meaning to, as Julia explains:

"When someone asks you ”Are you ok?” and you say yes, but you're really not. So you lie”.

But who are you lying to, then? According to the artist, you're lying to everyone, including yourself:

"I started writing about this because I was tired of lying everyday, to everyone else and to myself".

The artist also confided that she wrote the song with her guitar in about 2 hours. The simple things are often the most powerful, and that's the case with this song that is sure to find a comfortable place in your playlists.

Julia K, who says she is very private, often finds it difficult to express her feelings, and it is in music that she has found a way to convey them. An ideal refuge, and which today offers the world this timeless little gem.

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