Jovernanté, Carnival Kid, A Little Nothing - The Remains

October 30, 2020

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Our thoughts about the song :

Let's go to Germany now! If you missed 00's alt rock bands, you may love this awesome collaboration between Carnival Kid (already featured 4 times before on the IMC), Jovernanté, and A Little Nothing. A very energetic track, from the first to the last second, with Carnival Kid's amazing vocals (as usual!). We already know that Carnival Kid has a huge potential. And it seems like he crossed the way of people as much talented as he is. And this is a really good thing! The result of this collaboration is just... HUGE! We fell for the bouncing rhythm of this amazingly powerful song, and it's very easy to sing along, very quickly! Made with a thought for Springsteen, or Fender, "The Remains" is a rock gem, with honest and row vocals. Rock fans will appreciate, as much as we did. That's why you'll find this track in our "Indie Rock Killers" playlist. And of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

The artists point of view :

The Remains” marks Jovernanté’s return to powerful indie rock, filled with energetic guitars, crashing drums and a passionate vocal delivery. The song describes the instability of the world around us and that even the deepest emotions and strongest relationships may become a victim of time and circumstances.

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