John Muirhead

19 juin 2018

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Remember, in April, you discovered John Muirhead on Music For Your Heart with the song "Passenger's Side". This track is taken from an EP called "Foundational" that must absolutely be discovered. In 5 tracks, the artist offers us the full extent of his talent in several well-written stories, and different musical universes and different moods. "Ambition" is pretty quiet, with an electric guitar and a rhythm rather on the blues side. Original soundtrack of your romantic evenings. "Doubts" (our favorite) is a bit more rock, but still very well mastered in writing. The chorus is so catchy that you will sing it again tomorrow. Nobody would like to die with doubts. "Honeymoon Phase" is almost all acoustic, with a little violin at the end. A more poetic writing that invites you to think. We all woke up in the middle of the night to think. Then Passenger's Side, of which you already know all the good that we think of it, a wonderful track which makes appear the piano, an instrument which can be strong in emotions. Finally, "Foundational", which is also the title of the EP, ends everything in a much more powerful atmosphere in emotions: "I found a foundation in you". John says that the experiences, emotions and stories evoked build the foundation for him as a songwriter. This EP is a perfect summary of what he's been through. A sincere and authentic artist. Next step : after two EPs, a full-lenght album? We can't wait! There's a huge potential in this guy!