Jewelia - Noah

January 14, 2021

Sometimes there are artists who seem to be angels straight out of Heaven. This is the case with Jewelia. Well, ok, she comes from London, not from Heaven. But I really believed in it! In these times of global uncertainty, where doubts meet fears and push us through all possible psychological states, we all need a spark of hope. This is what Jewelia brings with "Noah". A very emotional song, which will transport you to another world. Just close your eyes and let yourself be guided by Jewelia's angelic voice to find the strength you lack. His vocal power, and his mastery of writing will prove to you that there are still beautiful things in this world. And above all, hope. An interpretation that shatters the barriers that we put ourselves. A real breath of fresh air. And in addition, the music video is magnificent. Kind of like a little visual bonus that you'll find below. There, on the other hand, do not close your eyes. You might miss something. In 2020, our artist took on the challenge of releasing one song per month, in her project, simply called "Project2020". The pot is not closed, and it's still time to support this artist. She really worth it. You can support her Project2020 on Gofundme here.

"Noah" has been included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Jewelia's point of view :

“Noah” was written during lockdown, and it is about finding hope when faced with overwhelming circumstances. During the past few months, the mental health of lots of people around me, some close to me, have been affected by isolation and uncertainty. ‘Noah’ was written as a message of hope: this flood will hopefully come and go and we'll find dry land, like Noah. It's easy to feel powerless not only in extraordinary circumstances, but every day, as part of this big world. This is another theme in the song, inspired by events that happened in 2020, such as the Black Live Matter movement. I’ve been asking myself: what can we, common people, do about bigger issues like this? What can we do about wars, about social inequality, about decisions taken by people in power who don't care about our wellbeing or about the planet? Can we really make a change? Do we matter? ‘Noah’ is also about finding the voice to word some of these worries, and finding hope that things will get better. We all have our own struggles, but there are some struggles we have not experienced, things we don't know about, or we don't think about on a daily basis. They are still happening, even if the hashtags are not trending, and we can make a change, starting with ourselves and our awareness.

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Biography :

Jewelia is a South London-based singer-songwriter and producer. Her music is a mixture of nostalgia-infused indie pop and piano-powered fairy tales. In 2020 she is writing and releasing a song on the 20th of every month, as part of a self-challenge.


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