Jewelia - Is This World Mine

April 01, 2021

We introduced you to Jewelia on January 15th with "Noah". Here she is back with a new, and even more powerful single, "Is This World Mine?", Released last Friday.

"'Is This World Mine' is about feeling powerless in a changing world. Both the song and the music video attempt to convey this, along with the message that even during difficult times we should remember that the world is full of beauty", a confided the London artist.

No intro, the song begins directly with the angelic voice of Jewelia, and you immediately feel confident, as if it was the voice of a dear friend speaking to you. The first chorus is quite calm, with just a powerful bass in the background.

The second verse sees the appearance of drums, while the lyrics remind us that this world is beautiful despite everything, and despite the complicated context that we all go through.

The second chorus shows us all the power and all the emotions that Jewelia can convey. Very inspired by the pandemic, the song paints a rather sad portrait of the current world, but with a glimmer of hope.

During the bridge, I particularly liked some of the lyrics "I don't wanna hear the news, silent witness, silent victim, is there something I can do?". Indeed, "I don't wanna hear the news" is something I told myself like... a thousand times, although, in the end, you can't really get away from it, unfortunately. But music helps to escape this negative wave.

I've seen a lot of artists, especially in France, "taking advantage" of the pandemic to write cheesy songs about lockdowns, etc., but with Jewelia it's the other way around. I sincerely believe that this song has helped her and will still help her through these difficult times, and that there is no bad ulterior motive. And if this song helped her, it will help you too!

The beautiful music video is here, please watch it, you won't regret it!

Included in our "Indie Pop" Spotify playlist.

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