Jeff Mailfert - Trecolpas

July 04, 2022

Pitcture by Vincent Beck Mathieu

As crucial as our daily decisions sometimes may seem, reconnecting with nature gives us a moment of freedom to focus on things that outlive our mundane problems.
The song “Trecolpas” by Jeff Mailfert invites you to escape from the hustle of the world’s roundabout.

During the first few seconds of the song, you already find yourself slowly transformed into a calm, dreamy world where you are caressed by chirping birds, gentle guitar tunes and Jeff’s honest and wistful voice.

As the song proceeds you cannot help but feel a sense of longing wash over you, longing for a deep, clear breath while noticing the crystal water of the Lac de Trecolpas, the Lake Trecolpas, in France, the major inspiration for this song. A hidden, rather misty place of retreat where time seems irrelevant next to the surrounding crags.

The song “Trecolpas” shows the power that music can have over us: no matter where you are and which challenges you are facing, if you start listening to a tune as warm as this one you are allowed to pause and forget your thoughts for a while. Like Jeff sings: “As if time and the world stopped being crazy“. Especially after we faced the nerve-racking challenges of a global pandemic there is nothing we wish more than a bit of rest.

Originally from France, Jeff is known for the nostalgic folk sound of his music and his closeness to nature and traveling. Through his music, he is able to turn the distant roads of his travels into a form of art that his fans may strongly connect to. And “Trecolpas” is definitely no exception from that.

But not only does the song make you feel mistily nostalgic. After a wonderful instrumental with mournful strings and a banjo solo, Jeff is able to express a sheer powerful amount of energy with his strong voice.

The energy only nature can provide you with to fill your whole body and soul, as Jeff describes it. The honesty of his words is unmistakable.

As the song slowly fades away it feels like you are slowly waking up from a remote dream which you will commemorate in a sweet, yet longing way. But different from a dream, you can always come back to “Trecolpas” when you need a pause from nowaday’s hustle and bustle.

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Written with love by Anna. "Trecolpas" has been added to our "Indie Music" and "Artist Pick" playlists on Spotify.